Punta Sal: Top Tourist Attraction in Honduras

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Is it accurate to say that you are searching for an Idyllic Pristine Caribbean Paradise? Find the Two Jewels in Punta Sal National Park!

Inside the Bay of Tela, in Atlantida, you will locate a long, tight promontory that loosens up towards the Caribbean. This rugged land parcel doubtful flaunts the best be seashores in terrain Central America: white sand, light surf, un swarmed and inside access to close by reefs where you can swim! On the western side of the landmass, you will locate the two gems in Punta Sal National Park!

The Peninsula is a piece of Jeannette Kawas National Park, otherwise known as Punta Sal National Park, and together with an enormous tidal pond, marine estuaries, tropical downpour timberlands, and mangrove marshes make a genuinely various National Park.

A tight trail through the downpour backwoods takes you over the base of the landmass, the trail is short and exceptionally level, which makes it perfect for individuals all things considered. This trail finishes in a flawless, separated bay on the western side of the promontory, which is accurately one of the two gems in Punta Sal National Park: Puerto Escondido and Puerto Caribe.

Here, at Puerto Escondido, you will discover white-sand seashores, very serene turquoise blue waters in a stunning, secluded setting. Truth be told, there are two little inlets, Puerto Caribe is found just toward the north of Puerto Escondido.

Stories about privateer boats avoiding the Spanish Armada during frontier times flourish, and it isn’t difficult to envision these two inlets being visited by brave privateers, hanging out from the Spaniards and trusting that their boats will sail out of the port of Omoa, a piece toward the West of Punta Sal to overcome a portion of the silver being delivered to Europe from the mines around Tegucigalpa.

Punta Sal: Top Tourist Attraction in Honduras

Getting to Punta Sal is simple! There are a few distinctive visit administrators that offer administrations in Tela, including visits to Punta Sal. The visit withdraws by vessel from downtown Tela, as a rule from the Lancetilla River zone, and takes you to Punta Sal, around a brief excursion in the cove. With a touch of karma, you will see dolphins energetically following your vessel on the way towards your goal. Takeoffs are typically ahead of schedule, by 8:00 a.m. at the most recent, since the surf generally develops toward the evening and it is more secure to leave over from Punta Sal around 2:00 or 3:00 toward the evening. Look at Garifuna Tours, the most seasoned visit administrator in Tela, and a pioneer in visits to Punta Sal. Their workplaces are nearly before Central Park in Tela.

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